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Story Edge brings together storytellers, designers, creative technologists and producers from across Aotearoa New Zealand to collaborate on transformative, immersive stories told across interactive digital platforms. Through a series of sandboxes, masterclasses and talks by leading New Zealand and international practitioners, Story Edge covers digital interactive storytelling from VR/AR/mixed reality to installations to interactive website and transmedia projects.

Story Edge Sandbox #7: Empowering Diverse Story Worlds

Saturday 4 Nov 2017  |  9.30am – 3.30pm
AUT Tower, Corner Rutland and Wakefield Streets, Room WT806

Tickets: $15 + GST/booking fee (please bring your own drink/lunch)

This Sandbox is dedicated to developing LGBT and ethnic stories/storytellers through digital platforms like the internet and mobile technology. Other minority storytellers are also encouraged to attend.

Comprising of 3 talks by filmmakers who have found ways to tell their unique stories, there will also be a workshop after lunch to collaboratively work together.

Dr.Tof Eklund: Free and inexpensive development tools for low-budget queer indie games 
Naashon Zalk: Smart Phone Storytelling 
Kerry Warkia: Telling Our Stories

NZ Film Commission, NZ On Air, Asia NZ Film Foundation, AUT – Master of English and New Media Studies (MENMS)

As our increasingly technological society moves forward, digital storytelling is a platform through which creativity and activity may flourish, allowing users to access more respectful understandings of others and become more connected to diverse communities. By this, many individuals come to understand complex social issues, such as LGBT and ethnic issues. Traditional platforms like film and TV are not inclusive and are still mostly unrepresentative of these stories.

These types of narratives have a profound influence on all audiences. When these characters are represented realistically, and their identities are not rooted in-jokes or stereotypes, the LGBT and ethnic audiences will have access to stories in which their experiences are represented with accuracy and authenticity. The LGBT and ethnic audiences are thus no longer excluded from the content they consume. They become participants and content makers.

This is especially important to inspire our communities especially youth and those at risk. Through these narratives, the wider audiences will gain a more accurate and sensitive understanding of the worlds the ethnic and LGBT communities live in and survive within.

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